Asti Childcare Idalia


The service provides the following meals at designated times throughout the day:

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea

Our 4-weekly menu is designed to ensure that there is a balance of nutritional ingredients from all food groups offered throughout the day. 

Each menu is planned, incorporated and evaluated in conjunction with families and educators while considering the recommendations outlined in the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Five Food Groups and requirements under the National Law

Our Menu:

Autumn/Winter Menu is served between March and August

Spring/Summer Menu is served between September and February

Fresh seasonal fruit accompanies both Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea

Milk is offered as a beverage at Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea

Lunch meals consist of a variety of beef, chicken, fish, sausage and vegetarian dishes.

We are aware that some families require alternative foods in keeping with their religious and cultural beliefs.

Our menu is displayed on the menu board beside the kitchen window near the front foyer of the service for viewing and we encourage feedback and ideas from our families. All menus are evaluated on a regular basis and will change throughout the year to provide tons of variety for the kids.

All meals are cooked daily on the premises using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Our qualified cook is certified in food handling. 

ASTI Child Care is an organisation, where we open our hearts inclusively to all children. Discounts are offered for children of ADF personnel. Children booked full time will attract a discount.