Our Staff

Asti Childcare Idalia

  • Our staff are carefully selected and you can be assured that each staff member has a full understanding of our program.
  • Being aware of the inclusive nature of ASTI - A Step Towards Independence - is a strict criterion in choosing our staff.
  • We are accustomed to working with children with special needs.
  • You will find our staff extremely approachable and ready to help if you have any issues to bring to our attention.
  • Children will have a strong sense of security and wellbeing in the care of our workers.
  • All of our staff are thoroughly familiar with the Early Years Framework outcomes.

Our staff are listed as follows:

Laurelle Risdale, Director - Nominated Supervisor                 
Kerry Becker, Kindergarten Teacher
Kylie Savage, Educational Leader 
Chynah, Devery, Educator 
Melina Patterson, Educator

Dana Landman, Educator
Layla Campbell, Educator
Tanika Appleby
Paije Landman, Cook

ASTI Child Care is an organisation, where we open our hearts inclusively to all children. Discounts are offered for children of ADF personnel. Children booked full time will attract a discount.