Our Programs

Asti Childcare Idalia


In the Nursery, we help our children to develop a sense of belonging to the centre. We help them to reach their developmental milestones and introduce them to the Early Years Learning Framework. Our Nursery children are immersed in interactions, literacy, numeracy and musical experiences daily. Each child has a learning journal which will travel with them on their journey at ASTI - A Step Towards Independence.


Our Toddlers are independent, busy little people. We help to nuture their developing skills by providing experiences such as, caring for our animals, sensory and dramatic play experiences. Toddlers benefit from meaningful interactions with peers and educators, we provide an environment where this is possible on a group and individual basis. Toddlers are mastering their self-help skills and we will assist them with all self-help skills as well as toilet training.


Our Kindy program is run by an early childhood teacher and has a balance between play based experiences and structured activities which creates a holistic approach to learning for our children. In the Kindy rooms our school readiness program is running every day. We encourage and promote the development of social skills and skills required for formal schooling, such as, opening lunchboxes, drinking from drink fountains, being responsible for their own belongings and putting on their own shoes. Our Kindy program is based on the children's interests and abilities, our educators assist children to work in their zone of proximal development by providing them with achievable challenges.


Our program cycle consists of planning, observing, analysing, reflecting and doing.

Daily learning, as well as spontaeous experiences form the base of our program.

We use input from children, educators, community and family to plan and tailor our initiatives.

Our approach is to provide appropriate, educational responses to a child's ability, interests and further learning.

Our "Learning Boards" provide a visual reflection of each day, including all learning experiences that occur.

These boards are an effective way of communicating our learning and programming sheets.

We use a process of evaluation to provide important feedback to educators.

Our assessment works toward confident and individual learners.


You can bring 

  • a change of clothes
  • backpack
  • your child's favourite toy or blanket, or something familiar to them
  • a sense of humour.

ASTI Child Care is an organisation, where we open our hearts inclusively to all children. Discounts are offered for children of ADF personnel. Children booked full time will attract a discount.